Living and breathing electronic music since the early ‘90s, Arne Schaffhausen and Wayan Raabe have carved out a piece of its history and showed us that in the vast spectrum of dance music, where the normal world ends, Extrawelt begins. Starting out as DJ’s, they found their pathway to production in the studio of fellow Hamburg natives, X-Dream. The inspiration they took away from these initial sessions soon pollinated into projects such as ‘Midimiliz', and ‘Spirallianz’; both of which gained remarkable success in the scene.

2017 has marked a year of renewal in the Extrawelt realm. Besides their new studio and freshly curated live set up, their third album ‘Fear Of An Extra Planet’ has edged itself into the world and found new space to occupy with its focussed and to-the-point ten track oeuvre. By default, this has summoned the arrival of what the pair enjoys doing most; playing live on tours throughout the world with music which continues to remind people of the purity of techno music’s past while shedding light on the sound of the future.

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